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Hi country citizens which country and my citizens Canada both of us are from Canada we're married fashion they will let mall what for shopping we're in what is it what's the address Niagara Falls which stores I don't know does it matter we haven't we haven't we haven't settled our around please my king is yes you're Hugh's right now here's 10 22 to win one no I understand but I'm a so if I ask you a question I'm answering expect to get responses like doesn't matter I expect to get the responses to the questions you asked me which store I'm going to I don't know I don't know what store I'm going to be ok no one in the car leave those headphones in the car ok hi for what reason take a seat for what reason take a seat ridiculous I said why do I have to sit down take a suit why do I have to sit down Terkel soon one Elm Drive in Mississauga we're trying to go to we're trying to go to the fashion outlet mall in Niagara Falls I believe I'm not sure he asked me the question that I was asked was which store am I going to specifically I don't know my wife and I are they shouldn't walk around the mall and I was I was told to come and sit down asked what's the reason he just said yep dealings this gentleman right here kept feeling sit down sit down sit down so you wouldn't give me a reason I need to know why yes I am but I'm not going to obey orders but I understand the reason for them uh-huh what you understand where I'm coming for like why because we're gonna wear the interview okay on what gret like what we don't need any brows well that's ridiculous okay that's this United States I'm sorry I don't know what to tell you you don't need any grounds for your action so we're not well that's ridiculous are we are we causing any bodily harm to you no no am i causing any bodily harm to you no okay when he officer tells you to do something you do it and there's no reason required absolutely not oh okay okay okay and so what am I supposed to do now no because you don't like Philly out here but you just told me don't have to give me a reason for what you're doing you're so then what you try to like I'm gonna interview okay I'm gonna check you uh-huh when I check commie down your pockets make sure okay safety purposes okay okay man take a seat for me okay is this your girl there's my wife okay uh and we're to verify your intent that's what we're doing my intent clear but my pens clear I'm gonna go shopping okay that's what you say okay unfortunately in my line of.


I need help filling out this IRA form to withdraw money. How do I fill this out?
I am confused on the highlighted part.
Can you say that you are going to the US to help out your family to a CBP officer while visiting on a B2 visa?
Touchy subject.If your family is running a business and your “help” is to help them run the business, the answer is absolutely no\If your family is having a crisis, as in health related or a loved one dying etc and you are there to prmoral support, yes, you can say that but you need to make sure that you are not coming to help them with the family business etc.
Should I add extra protein to my diet to help me 'fill out' even though I do not work out?
Not at all. Protein is an important macro nutrient that is needed for basic body function but if you are not working out to break your muscle fiber tissues for muscle growth, your body won't be able to use protein to rebuild muscle tissues but rather just use it for energy. 1 g of protein contains 4 calories. Once the body uses the protein for essential body function, the excess protein will be converted into energy and if you don't need the energy, it will be converted into body fat. Protein or protein supplements are not magic pills for muscle. You need to eat a proper diet (calorie surplus) with proper amount of protein, fat,and carbs and also you need physical exercise to achieve a muscular body. Hopefully this helps and to learn more about protein and its function in health and muscle building, you can check out the detailed video above.
How can I fill out an Express Entry form without a counsellor’s help?
Creating an express entry profile is like a piece of cake. Any one can create. You do not need anyone’s help to create that. Its 15 to 30 minutes job.All you need to have is IELTS with 6 in each module and ECA fro your degrees and of course passport.
Where can I find someone to help me fill out an okcupid profile?
The best person to fill out an ok cupid profile is you. First of all lets start with your profile picture, as it is the first thing that will catch a woman's eye. So here are a few no go's:No girls, yes this means your mother tooNo liquor photos. If it looks like your a drunk why would anyone bother?NO NO Dick really think we don't know what they look like??Tongues...We all have them and they belong in your mouth.While writing your profile make sure you are genuine and honest. Nobody wants a fake or someone who cant keep their stories straight once they meet in person.