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There are men and women out there on the street right now in the desert on patrol as United States border agents who need you as backup I need you to graduate from this Academy but it will not be a cakewalk and we will not give it to you Music Music my name is Dan Harris jr. and I am the chief patrol agent of the u.s. Border Patrol Academy in Artesia New Mexico so when you arrive here at the boar control Academy were we're going to be tough on you it is not going to be an easy task to get through this Academy we expect you to come in in good physical condition we are going to test your limits there because when you go out to the field you are going to face some of the greatest challenges you may have ever faced in your life Music for the u.s. borba troll our history and our culture is extremely important to us you earn the beds I'm wearing on my uniform or shoulder patch that's been on our left shoulder since 1924 it's not just handed to you it's something that you earned and that you're proud to wear when you walk out the doors at the end of this Academy we blur the lines between training and reality in a safe training environment so our goal is to prepare you that when the day you graduate you're ready to go the field you're ready to address any challenge that your mission may bring before you and so what we want you to do when you graduate this board role Academy is we want you to get it right in the field in the past there's an adage in law enforcement that forget everything you learned at your academy you'll learn it in the field you'll learn it on the street you'll learn it when you get out there those days are over for the United States border patrol we've designed the United States Borla Academy based upon actual events that have happened in the field we make our training as realistic as possible so what we've done over the last few years here at the academy is we've transitioned from an instructor classroom centric based training program to a student centric performance based program the u.s. board Patrol Academy is six months in length and during that time you will become proficient in border patrol operations immigration law the United States Code criminal law the use of our firearms you'll become proficient and driving our vehicles off-road vehicles pursuit vehicles spanish-language use of force our policies and procedures or tactics or techniques we pryou every tool you need to protect yourself and to protect the people of this great country when you graduate from the bore patrol academy you are better trained and better equipped than any of us ever thought we ever would be we are looking for honest hardworking and.


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How would disclosing criminal record info to CBP officer affect future travel?
Lying, about virtually anything, is going to bring you nothing but a hard time with CBP.That being said, the ramifications of lying are much more serious for a non-citizen or non-resident.A U.S. citizen will not ever be refused re-admission back into the U.S.However, if you are caught lying about something, no matter how inconsequential, you invite serious scrutiny of your documents, luggage and person. For example, if a U.S. citizen lies about their criminal history, an officer might cite this as justification for a very intrusive search of a subject’s luggage and person. With good reason, I might add. There were numerous times in my career when discovering one seemingly small inconsistency led to a significant arrest or seizure.CBP has a computer system that, if utilized properly, reveals a lot about potential applicants for admission.A non-citizen or non-resident caught in an obvious lie will most probably refused entry into the U.S., at a minimum. A non-citizen suspected of lying might be put under oath. Then if they lie, that an be used as justification to refuse them entry, or even exclude them entry into the U.S. for a long time, a minimum of five years.