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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Us customs phone number

Instructions and Help about Us customs phone number

Hello my name is art Tsereteli and is a full-service immigration law group if you have any question about any aspect of immigration law give us a call if you've got a question we've got the answer the subject of today's video may not apply to every one of you but a lot of people over the past 14 years that I've been in the immigration law practice a lot of people have come to me and they say art every time I come into the United States of America at the border I'm always stopped always and I'm always taken into secondary inspection and I miss my connecting flight and they always tell me the same thing they tell me that I need to sit still be quiet until I'm spoken to and they've got to quote check my name in the system to make sure I'm not who they think I am well that's a headache that's an inconvenience if that happens every single time you come into the United States and it happens to all sorts of people it happens to people with temporary work visas it happens to visitors it happens to students it happens to people with green cards it happens to single people it happens to people who are married people who are married and have children it happens to a lot of people trouble at the border could be more than just mistaken identity the key to this situation is it's a recurring over and over the same problem stops you cold at the border mistaken identity there could be something in the computer system that is fundamentally incorrect about your your immigration documentation maybe they put the wrong country of birth in your record or the a number on your green card perhaps doesn't match the a number in the computer in other words your name could sound like somebody else's name and that someone else could be a troublemaker or there could be something fundamentally incorrect with your immigration record on file with the government at the border it happens more than you'd like to believe one gentleman I know an eye doctor his wife also in the medical community as a professional gets stopped at the border every single time and she's a green card holder they have two small children and they have all her travel documents they have her passport her green card they have all her identifying documents her driver's license and they go through the computer and then they explain after 20 minutes a half an hour they explained oh they believe that there's a mix-up with her name and someone else's name and this someone else who spells her name the same way is on a watch list that that we shouldn't let this other person into the country so another half hour goes by and then finally maybe an hour and 15 minutes into the secondary inspection they say to her okay we've.


What are the best travel hacks?
Always roll your clothes, don't fold them. You'll find a world of space.Don't carry more clothes than you need. Keep it to a bare minimum.Use the app called Showaround. It's of immense help if you'd like to explore.Don't carry large amounts of cash. Credit/Debit cards are safer. In case you get mugged, you can always contact your card service provider.Try to carry as little luggage as possible. You want to enjoy traveling, not have back pain.If your devices have removable batteries, carry 2–4 extra fully charged batteries with you.Don't use hotels, use airbnb, or find places of worship that are open 24 hours. People are always welcome there.Try to be as close to the airports as possible. You can buy fully refundable first class tickets, eat from the lounge, and refund your ticket. It's unethical I know, don't bash me.Don’t wear sports shoes. Wear shoes that are more rugged.If you want to exchange your currency, visit as many exchanges as possible. Chances are you'll get a much better rate.Google things that identify you as a foreigner. Try your best to blend in. You'll be safer that way.Find dollar stores. You can get all your basic necessities there for a dollar or less.Eat more greens if you are constantly traveling within the country. You don't want an upset stomach.Download offline Google map of the area your visiting. Save your staying place as “Home.” You'll never get lost.Keep one of those old school Nokia phones with you. You never know when you'll run out of charge.Dont use Uber or Lyft. Walk distances that are less than 5 km. You'll get your exercise done too.Carry pepper spray with you. Once you use it, you'll know how helpful it is.Save your water bottles. You can always refill them in hospitals.If you want to eat at restaurants, visit during closing time. Prices are half then.Dont waste money on deodorants. Use vinegar.Always carry a pocket knife and a lighter. In airports, make sure they are not in your hand luggage.Use devices with higher internal memory. Sometimes you lose SD cards.People forget how important a pen is. Always carry 2 ball point pens with you. It can even serve as a defensive weapon.Stuff all your cables and small accessories inside your socks. That way you'll never lose them.Try your best to keep your expensive belongings in your hand luggage. You never know when the airport might lose your baggage.Keep scanned copies of your identity cards and passport in your email.If you can, try finding fellow travellers to the same destination. Sharing costs always helps.Don't book one way tickets. Take the longest transit stops possible, that way you can get cheaper tickets.
How long does it take to walk into a gun store and come out with a semi-automatic, if I have a clean record in America?
It depends on the state, and I’m not an expert - but I wanted to share my personal experience for a couple reasons.It may surprise some people - especially non-gun ownersI feel it illustrates that gun control and gun laws are two different things and before jumping to the conclusion that we need more (or fewer) laws pertaining to guns, everyone should take a few minutes to educate themselves and use common sense (gasp)This is my first time gun buying experience from about 4–5 years ago.I’d done quite a bit of research online, pretty much settled on what I wanted and decided it was time to walk into a gun store to look and make the final decision in person. After about 15 minutes I’d settled on a gen 4 Glock 19. The store was running a special on the gen 4s and I received a free box of ammunition, as well as an extra magazine. Awesome.Next up it was time to go through the background check and pay. I had to wait, because there was an older guy and his son in front of me. He was purchasing the gun for his son (because he wasn’t 21) - apparently his son was joining a junior police academy and needed a handgun. Well, his background check came back - he had some kind of domestic abuse charge - no gun for you, no gun for your son. The owner of the gun shop chastised him for even wasting her time since he clearly knew that was on his record.My turn. They ran my details, everything came back clean and it was time to pay. Something people may not realize is that guns aren’t cheap. Mine was close to $500. That’s a decent chunk of change and puts them out of many people’s reach economically. Of course, I’d imagine criminals acquire weapons for much less - but then again they don’t go through the proper channels.Great, background check cleared, I’ve paid and ready to go. The guy behind the counter bags things up and hands it to me - then the owner starts berating him. Apparently by putting the newly purchased gun (still in the case) and the box of ammunition, into the same bag they were setting me up to get a felony when I walked out of the store. They also gave me specific instructions about putting the gun and/or ammo in the trunk of my car - NOT the passenger compartment. Again, throwing the now two separate shopping bags into my back seat would have potentially been criminal (felony).This is where things get crazy. In Ohio, you can load up a gun - put it in a holster (on the outside of your clothes) and walk around in most public places. But, as soon as you cover up the gun - or get into a car with it - you’re breaking the law (felony) unless you’ve gotten a special license/permit. This requires more background checks, fingerprinting, attending a class, paying more money, etc.Now, let’s say you’re all about following the letter of the law and you go through all of these steps so that you can carry your gun in your car. Things don’t get easier - because each state can be different. Despite having a permit, passing the background checks, etc - if you happen to drive into Chicago you could be in a lot of trouble. Apparently, you can drive right through with no problems, but if you step foot outside of your car (even to get gas, even if you leave the gun in the car) you’re now in a world of trouble (felony). It makes you wonder why Chicago has so much gun violence when the gun laws there are so strict.The laws are very strict for gun owners, they can be very confusing, and it seems, by definition, only followed by law abiding citizens.
Can I use Stripe with a Payoneer virtual account?
Stripe RequirementsFollowing are the Stripe requirements to accept payments from the United States:US Bank AccountSSN / EINUS Mailing AddressUS Phone NumberThe straightforward way is to register an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or C-Corporation company in the United States and open the bank account. However, even if you’re able to process the LLC registration (which is simple and can be done remotely), there is no bank in the United States that is willing to open an account without the potential owner first visiting the branch.Also, Stripe requires you to enter SSN or EIN to verify your identity, which is an other hurdle. For US address & phone number, you can get them easily remotely or even use fake details (not recommended).But the good new is you can still get all the necessary details without visiting the US and starts using Stripe in minutes. Let’s discuss how you can successfully sign up for Stripe from the United States.1. US Bank AccountYou can get a valid US bank account thanks to Payoneer • a global payment service that can be used as an alternative to PayPal to send and receive payments worldwide. It provides the users a prepaid MasterCard (you must have funds in prepaid card before you can use it online) and a US bank account to accept ACH payments from US companies. ACH is what Stripe uses to payout the customers. You’re done!Sign Up for PayoneerPayoneer is a very reliable and secure payment service available worldwide. I’ve been using it since early 2022 to accept payments from US clients, marketplace earnings, affiliate payouts etc. Since it is MasterCard supported that is widely accepted over the Internet, so it is my primary payment method whenever I want to pay online whether it is to buy an airline ticket, pay web hosting bills or to pay Amazon AWS monthly fees etc.Registration for Payoneer is straightforward and can be done in couple of minutes. If you will use this link to signup to Payoneer , you will get $25 sign up bonus.You just need to fill out few a four steps form and then validate your identity by sending them a passport or driving license soft copy.Once you sign up successfully, there is a waiting period, up to a week and then they send you a prepaid MasterCard on your address. Once you receive the card and activate it, Payoneer creates a virtual US bank account for you to accept ACH payments from US companies. That’s all you need. Now you’ve an official US bank account and can start accepting payments from Strip right away.2. SSN / EINSince SSN (Social Security Number) is only issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents by the United States Social Security Administration, it is impossible for foreigners to get it.The alternative to SSN is EIN (Employer Identification Number), also known as Federal Tax Identification Number, used to identify a business entity in the United States. To get EIN remotely, you’ll need to make a call to IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and do the following:Download the form and fill it in beforehand.Call the IRS • phone number (800) 829-4933 • and tell them you need an EIN. They will insist you to send the form by fax, but there is a workaround for this. Just say that you do not have a fax machine and would like to do it by phone.The operator will ask you to have the form on hand and read out the fields.In next 15 minutes, you will have an official EIN which will also be sent to you by mail at your home country address.3. US Mailing AddressIt is pretty easy to get US mailing address, you can sign up for any PO Box service to get it. There are number of online services that offers this. I recommend MailBox Forwarding. They pryou with a mailing address which is accessible online. You can receive and view all your mail online: letters, documents, and packages, whether delivered by the USPS, FedEx, or UPS.You can even use any fake address but it is not recommended. You may have to receive important documents by mail in future like from IRS or even Stripe etc.4. US Phone NumberYou can get a US phone number from Sonetel and forward it to your local phone number. It costs less than $2 per month and you can receive all calls directly at your current phone number.Stripe Sign UpOnce you have everything you need to sign up for Stripe payment service, the remaining is simple and straightforward. Go to Stripe.com and create an account by filling all the details (email, password etc.) and confirm your email address. Then log in to Stripe and switch the LIVE/TEST switcher to LIVE, then click Activate Account. You will need to fill out all the necessary details but be extra cautious with following:Country: United StatesBusiness type: Individual / Sole ProprietorshipEIN: The number you got from IRSAddress: Your mail-forwarding address in the USPhone: Sonetel US phone numberSSN: 000–000–000Bank Account: Log in to your Payoneer account, click Receive - Global Payment Service and copy all the bank information from there.That’s all. You now have fully functioning Stripe account and ready to accept payments!ConclusionHonestly speaking, it is not a 1-hour task but certainly a workable solution that can open the access to the best online payment platform • Stripe. If you’re left with no other option to accept payments, it is worth trying. To wrap up the discussion, let’s go over the steps once again:Sign Up for Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard (to get US bank account)Get EIN from IRS (download the form)Get US Mailing Address (from MailBox Forwarding)Get US Phone Number (from Sonetel)Sign Up at StripeUpdate Your Stripe AccountDone!
As an American who has never traveled out of America, what must I do before traveling to Canada?
I’m going to leave out the standard stuff everyone is going to talk about (passports, etc.) and I’m going to hit the less frequently talked about stuff that comes to mind• ,)PLEASE….Bring your socks or slippers if you’re going to be visiting anyone’s home (no shoes inside the house please.) ,) UPDATE: Of course someone had to make a debate out of this point and tell me that this isn’t common. YES, IT IS COMMON. It doesn’t mean that 100% of Canadians follow this custom but the far majority appear to from my every experience of living in Canada, travelling in Canada, talking to people across the country in Canada and reading online about the subject over the years. But since some people want to make it an argument, I guess I shall post some links to back up the fact that it is common:Shoes off or on in the house?Tradition of removing shoes in home - Wikipediar/canada - Do you take your shoes off when you enter your home?Is shoe removal a Canadian culture thing?Do not come with wads of USD thinking you are going to pay for everything with USD and get USD change (you won’t, you’ll get CDN) ….. ***Buy some Canadian currency*** but mostly use your credit card (easiest way to do it.)Please leave American flag underwear at home. jk lolIf you want to be a BIG HIT with Canadians, take a bit of time to learn about Canada before coming here• you don’t need to know much but if you know a few basics (for example, we have provinces, not states,) people will be impressed with that since many Americans know zero about their next-door neighbour.Don’t discuss religion (considered a private matter here,) don’t frame things as “left” or “right”/”liberal” or “conservative,” have a LIVE AND LET LIVE attitude and appreciate the fact that we run this country differently than things are run in the U.S. Also, please don’t repeat the political talking points you’ve heard about Canada in the U.S. because the vast majority of them are untrue (I’m phrasing it kindly here) and therefore not appreciated• (and I won’t get into debating those in comments, that’s why I’m purposely keeping this vague.) :)If you want to fit right in, hold the door for the person behind you and say sorry when someone steps on your foot or bumps into you. We also tend to use please/thank you a lot in our daily interactions and it’s considered polite to say “excuse me” or “sorry” if you pass in front of someone (such as if they are waiting for service at a counter and you pass in front of them or if they are in the store looking at something on a shelf and you pass between them and the shelf.)(I will add more as I think of more…) Most importantly, come and enjoy the beautiful outdoors here• ,) And please no litter and be very vigilant about forest fires if you camp (we have some of the best camping in the world.)Just a few beautiful videos of Canada• (and make sure you watch the last one about the moose as it’s a safety issue…) ,)We have more than just beautiful wilderness, we have beautiful urban areas too. I particularly love Quebec’s unique nature and make sure you try the incredible food (as you can see tourists sampling in this vid…)Oh and if you see a moose, stay clear, stay in the car • this video ought to scare the hell out of you and convince you to do just that! ,) lol Also, if you’re going into any areas with a bear population, make sure you know how to handle that situation too (such as buying bear repellant beforehand, etc.)
What is the most effective way to generate real estate SELLER leads?
My grandmother is the most selling-ist realtor in Wayne County, Michigan.My uncle started his own real estate company that routinely sells million dollar homes.He then went on to found a revolutionary company with Stefan Swanepoel.He then went on to found another revolutionary company that produces leads for realtors which is completely disrupting the industry.My first “joby-job” was working at his real estate company. He taught me some lessons I still use.He, and the realtors I ended up executive assisting always did three things that developed sellers:They got to know nearly everyone they could in the community - People were their greatest resource. They became members of as many communities as possible and tried to constantly add value. Whether it was churches, country clubs, school groups, networking groups or gyms, there were so many opportunities for connecting with communities. They tried to add value in any way they could, not just by being “the realtor.”Software to use: Contactually. It allows you to take lots of contacts and sort them into “buckets” that you can contact regularly. Set this up for different communities including your own neighborhood.They collected leads from online services - Whether it was Zillow or nearly anything else, sellers, or people thinking about selling, leave an online trail. A service that collects these leads, or better yet a website that you, yourself owns.Software to use: Leadpages. Set up a leadpage for “selling a home in X” where “X” is your local community. Now pay for SEO and Adwords. Have one page that collects information in exchange for something small and valuable for a potential seller like “Top 5 things to think about before listing your home.”Set up a lead engine - This is what I was great at. It’s how I helped my uncles company, other realtors, and even other real estate offices and realtors across the country. SET UP A TEAM that calls FSBOs and houses that just came off the market. It’s simple, it’s painful, but if you can hang out in the cut and have a small team that does this even decently well, you’ll be having listings coming out your ears.Software to use: Mojosells.com. Get a team together with a team and use this power dialier. Have a simple script and try to sell people on how you’re different. Have a good, clean, simple sales script and something else to follow up it up with.Do these things and you’ll have more sellers than you can handle, for real.Like my thoughts on Sales Development? Subscribe to my YouTube channel Sell Like A Comedian
What are the best ways to encourage my sales team to keep their CRM data clean?
I’d say that the first thing you need to do to is make sure that your team knows the cost that they as individuals and you as a company feel when data is input without care. If they don’t understand the real problem with bad data, they might not be invested in being part of the solution.This also means that you have to really understand what the cause of your ‘dirty data• is. You have to undergo a thorough evaluation of where the problem is coming from and what steps you need to take to clean your data. Once you have a plan in place, you can generate buy-in by making clear your reps• responsibility to keep their data clean, incentivizing clean data with rewards, or disincentivizing dirty data with punishment (Carrot or stick is your call!).Once you’ve identified the problem, got buy-in from your team, and are ready to implement a solution, here’s some advice you can follow.There is more detail in this article • Dirty Data in your CRM? What's the real cost?, but this will give the highlights of how to have your team keep your data clean.One thing to note is that fraudulent data can be caused by humans and/or bots, so different causes will mean different solutions. If your team is creating fraudulent data to meet metrics, you have a bigger problem on your hands.Either way, as you work to detect fraud and dirty data, bots will get more intelligent and beat your systems until you outsmart them again, and the cycle continues. The human error that causes accidental dirty data will always be an issue, but there are several ways to drastically reduce the impact of dirty data on your business.1. Start With The Data You HaveUndergo an extensive scrub of your data. This will require an investment in time, headcount, and software, but getting your existing data as accurate as possible will help establish a quality baseline for the data that continues to stream in. Making clear the responsibility of your teams to keep the data clean from this point forward is key to long-term success.2. Implement A Data Quality ProgramIdentify the roles or programs you need to have in place in order to better find and filter fraudulent data, consistently scrub existing data, and house data safely. This part will likely require some help from your IT department, or from an outside consultant. Individuals on your team with these responsibilities have to understand their importance and be held accountable for egregiously bad data.3. Consider UX FixesRun through your customer-facing offers and forms to identify potential problem areas for accidental dirty data. Partner with UX experts to find ways to improve the customer experience and make it more difficult for users to commit errors.4. Make Data A PriorityUnless our titles have the term in them, most of us don’t think of our roles as data-oriented. But the truth is that anyone who works in sales is in a data-facing role. Get your whole team on board with the importance of making accurate data a fiscal and scheduling priority.Hope those thoughts give you some insight on how to get your team to recognize the importance of keeping data clean! Thanks to Karri Bishop for the original insights!
Have you ever met someone for the first time and got the strongest feeling that the person was bad?
I have had this feeling many times. I’m expert at reading body language, and also seem to be able to feel what others are feeling, as well as being acutely aware of what is going on around me, be it animal or human. I think it’s a natural ability, just Mother Nature’s way of hedging her bets. Will the empathically ‘blind ‘person, who can act as they please because they have little or no ability to see or feel repercussions of their acts on their fellow species, or will the empaths prolong the species because we see the value in co-operating with our companions on this earth, both human and animal? This is the goal of all life on our Earth, after all.I have always heeded the warning from my feelings, however, whether about a place or a person, and it’s literally saved my life and wellbeing many times when I have met those people who seem ready to suck your soul out of your body if you don’t defend it, but I have also had the opposite reaction. And I’ve never been wrong, even as a very young child.This is a story about the opposite side of that coin .When I was in my late twenties, about thirty years ago, I worked at an archeological dig in a desert location. I was walking to the mess tent for dinner with a couple of friends, with some people behind us also going in the same direction. We reached the wood door of the tent, and a male arm reached around me to open it for me, not particularly unusual. It’s hard to explain what I felt next - but my entire body ‘flashed• psychicly - if you were in a closed room in complete darkness, and someone flashed a light onto your closed eyes- you’d see that flash behind your eyelids- that’s what happened to every cell in my body. As if they all lit up for a nanosecond.I have to emphasize this was not a physical reaction I didn’t blush or get goosebumps, it wasn’t the ‘falling in love• reaction you hear about - this was entirely psychic. I was stunned and didn’t know how to react or what it was- I do know my friends were looking at me a bit oddly, so I must have had some strange expression on my face.We proceeded to dinner, and I hadn’t even seen the man’s face at this point - I was still too stunned to look around, and I only saw him when he sat down and my friend commented that the man who had opened the door for us and also come in with his friend, was eyeing me from his table.I did not meet him for another two weeks as circumstances prevented it, but he became my husband. He had also felt that ‘event• - and made it his mission to find me again. He wanted to know what that ‘event• meant as much as I did.My feeling is that we live in a chemical and electrical soup that is the atmosphere around us, and we are also electrochemical beings - occasionally, if you’re very lucky, we meet someone who is absolutely in ’sync• or on the same wavelength as you. I don’t think it’s paranormal, just hyperdeveloped awareness at work.I always knew when he was in danger as well, even when he didn’t tell me about it. He passed away about thirty years ago, and I’ve never had such a reaction to another man since, although I’ve certainly been physically attracted to some in the conventional way.Always listen to your feelings and parse the reasons behind them.
Someone used my phone number to set up an Amazon account. How can I report?
If you found any trouble related to Amazon account then simply contact Amazon support team. They will surely help you out.Steps to contact Amazon support team :Simply call on their customer care number - +91-1800-3000-9009Or just go to their contact us page and fill out the form with necessary details. They will contact you and close your fake Amazon account.Hope it closed soonPlease followMake UPVOTESThanks and regards
How do the customs agents aproach you if you fly privately to a private airport, international?
Usually, you have to land at a designated "Airport of Entry" (AoE). When I was flying fairly regularly between the Greater Rochester International Airport (KROC) and the Ottawa International Airport (CYOW) I participated in the CANPASS program. Under CANPASS, I pre-cleared customs by phone before going into Canada, and I wasn't required to go to a AoE (although I did). I just landed and went on my way. On the way back, however, the customs at Rochester wasn't normally open on the weekends so I had to phone the local customs office at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo (and that was an adventure and a half the first time), and they'd get the on-call local Customs agent to come out and meet me. There was a "customs shack" on the field where we had to meet the customs agent. I had to call at least two hours before I landed. I had to land within x minutes of when I said I would, and I had to stay in the plane until the customs agent arrived no matter how much I needed to pee (more than once I ended up standing on the wing to pee because I couldn't wait). Failure to heed any of these requirements could lead to massive fines. There was a customs form you needed to fill out and if you hadn't filled it out before the customs guy got there he'd occupy himself by going through your airplane documentation, luggage and logbook. If you had all your paperwork in order it would generally be a pretty fast stop, although if he was annoyed at being called out on a Sunday evening he could express his annoyance through passive aggression. About the "adventure": the airport/facilities directory published a phone number that was supposedly for the customs call out. Only two problems with that - the number they published was only good for 9-5 Monday to Friday, and it was an 800 number that didn't work in Canada. It took me several hours to find a number that would work, because this was pre-internet.
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