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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I94 travel history

Instructions and Help about I94 travel history

Laws calm legal forms guide a form I - 94 is a document used by the US Customs and Border Patrol for an application for documenting the arrival and departure records of foreign nationals entering the US on non-immigrant visas the form is used to document non-immigrant visas such as student work or visitor visas in this case we are using the form I - 94 provided by the Customs and Border Patrol examples of the form I - 94 can be found online however you must use the form that is provided by your transportation carrier the first step in completing the form is to enter your admission number on the top of the card the form must be completed in English using one letter for each space provided the space is small so it is important that you write neatly and legibly you must again put your admission number above your first arrival record under the arrival record put your last name first name date of birth country of citizenship sex passport number flight number and residency information you must also put where your visa was issued and the date followed by any address you will be using in the United States once the arrival section is completed the applicant must present the card to the customs officer which will be reviewed and stamped for entry in the United States the arrival portion will be retained by the US Customs Service and you will be given a stamped portion of the departure section the stamp will indicate the last date you can legally be in the United States you must retain this part of the form and present it upon your departure do not write in the back portion of the form i-94 this is for US government use only to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws comm.


To whom do we need to inform in the case of mistakes found at I94 travel history details?
To whom do we need to inform in the case of mistakes found at I94 travel history details? How can I check my travel history with an i94 number? How can I know how long I have been given to stay in the US if it was not stamped in my passport? What is the name of the site to check my time allowed in the USA on a B1 visa from Jamaica? What should I do if I don't have written records/recollection of when and how many times I crossed the US/Canada border via road (for weekend escapes) when I am filing US USCIS citizenship N-400 application? For the travel history section of the US visa form, what should I do if I cannot recall the exact dates of these travels as required? I have travelled over 100 times in the period, and only remember the months in which I travelled. Why was my b2 passport not stamped with exit date? Is there an entry/exit record for green card holders that DHS keeps and that can be accessed by the green card holder to check the entry/exit history? How would the US immigration know if I stayed outside the United States for 14 months when I return from the United Kingdom?
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