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Cbp land border crossing Form: What You Should Know

Enhance the operational readiness of the U.S. Border Patrol for a future wave. CBP will use the 2024 National Operation Plan as a guide and is planning for the implementation of the “Border Infrastructure Project” (BIG), which will build infrastructure that supports the operation and enforcement of the Secure Fence Act. The BIG is planned to be completed within the 2 calendar year.  The CBP BIG includes the following components: 1. Construction of new infrastructure at our Southwest, Northeast, and Atlantic Sectors. This will include improvements in existing infrastructure and expansion of existing infrastructure as identified by the Department. This will include the installation of new cameras, new detection systems, and new technology. This will improve our ability to collect and share intelligence with CBP partners and provide our border security partners the information and tools they need to safely and effectively complete their mission 2. Installation of a new biometric detection system at our Southwest Sector Border Crossing Points. This will be used to enhance CBP's ability to detect individuals who enter the U.S. through the southwest sector. This will provide the ability to further identify individuals through the use of a unique biometric ID and/or associated biographic information. The new implementation will replace the current system, and will be built to be more secure and inclusive than the currently operating biometric technology 4.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cbp land border crossing

Instructions and Help about Cbp land border crossing

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