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Is it unusual for an acqui-hire to result in job offers for only some of the acquired company?
Not at all. In fact, I'd say that's the norm.An acqui-hire is a way for companies to obtain good talent and -- at least within the tech industry -- is primarily focused on software engineers. Talented software engineers are difficult to hire, but comparatively easy to slot.In a typical acqui-hire (and even many acquisitions), the entire team is interviewed just as they would be if they were "regular" candidates. This includes product managers, program managers, data scientists, software developers, testers, etc. The founders are often interviewed for product manager roles.Some people might not pass those interviews. If you don't pass the interviews, then you don't get an offer to join the acquirer.If too many people don't pass the interview, then the entire company might get dropped. Part of the point of an acqui-hire is to get a functioning team. Plus, a tech company pays a premium to acqui-hire, it doesn't make sense to pay this big premium to "acqui-hire" a company, but then only hire 3 out of the 10 developers.Imagine if Google suddenly threw all the employees at a startup through standard designer/developer/PM/etc interviews. Some people will do well. Some people will do mediocre. Some people will horribly bomb.The group at the bottom will probably get cut. They should get their payout for the acquisition but they won't get a nice fat signing bonus or salary. That's how these acqui-hires work. In the particular case described on Secret and in the New York Magazine, the details are a little sparse -- and almost conflicting. Unfortunately, the details are sparse in the exact way that would help us assess if everyone behaved fairly.To review: 1. Google acqui-hired a 5 person startup. One person was left behind.2. The person left behind happened to be a founder, the only designer, and the only woman.3. But, as she admits, she did a lot more than design. She did customer service, sales, etc.4. The other devs got -- allegedly -- very lucrative packages.She feels embarrassed and burned and betrayed. I don't blame her. It's like being the one picked last for the team in gym class, except in very public way and with money attached. That really sucks.But here's the thing: it's not her fault. It's also not Google's fault or the startup's fault.She's an amazing generalist. She does design, customer service, sales, marketing, and more. She's a founder too, so she's got initiative/entrepreneurial skills. This is a wonderful hire for a startup to make, especially an early stage startup.It's not a good hire for a big company like Google though. Google doesn't have a "little bit of this, little bit of that" role. There's no "I fill in the blanks wherever you need someone" person. It has specific roles and people who do them. Presumably, they interviewed her for design. She didn't pass that interview. They may have re-routed her to a different role (that often happens), but then, if so, she obviously didn't pass that either. So that was that -- she got cut from the deal. Not because she's not great, but because she's not great for a big company with specialized roles.This is all very, very common, and it's no one's fault.The only thing that gives me pause is that alleged $5m package. That seems ludicrously high -- so much so that I question it, particularly since the NY Magazine piece doesn't mention this number.However, it does bring up an interesting point, even if it's not what happened here. In an acqui-hire, there are basically two pools of money:Startup Money: the money given to the startup for the acquisition. This is divvied up between all employees and investors.Compensation Packages: the money (signing bonus, salary, etc) given the subset of employees who join the acquirer gives offers to.What if an acquirer offered more money in the "compensation package" as a way of offering less to the startup? Let's take a very, very simple example. Alex, Betty, and Chris are cofounders with 33% of the company each. The acquirer acquires the company -- product and all -- but only wants Alex and Betty.Theoretically, the acquirer could say, "hey, rather than buying your company for $3 million (which is $1 million for each of you), we're going to buy the company for $100k and give Alex and Betty $1.1 million signing bonuses each."The acquirer likes this because they pay $2.3 million instead of $3 million.Alex and Betty like it because they get $1.133 million instead of $1 million.Chris gets $33k instead of $1 million and hates it. Alex and Betty say yes. Chris says no. The deal goes through.Essentially, the acquirer has shifted money from the "startup money" pool to the "compensation package." to get just enough votes to pass the deal. Some of that signing bonus was really for the acquisition, and that's unfair.I don't think that's what happened in this case, but it's theoretically possible.
What is the QuickBooks support phone number?
If you are searching for Quickbooks support phone number then just dial +1-801-610-6141. Our technical support team is 24/7 available for you to solve all of your Quickbooks server issues.Whenever you face an issue, call us today and take advantage of our unparalleled technical support, we try our best to fix your problem and pryou hassle-free working environment.
What is something that needs to be said?
Save waterWater is a critical resource for human survival. If we fail to conserve water, eventually an adequate, healthy water supply may not be available. Lack of water can lead to dramatic consequences. Water conservation can help prevent local and global problems such as rising costs, reduced food supplies, health hazards and armed conflict.How to Save Water?Stop the misuse of water.Manage the usage of water properly.Stop discharging pollutants without proper treatment.Take efforts in maintaining the quality of water.Stop wastage of water in our toilet.Promote rain-water harvesting and irrigation projects.Some example of rain-water harvesting:Please share and upvote this answer to spread more and more
Have you actually ever heard someone say 'Do you know who I am?' indignantly?
I've had someone say “Do you know who I AM?!”, in an absolutely offended tone and in real life.Guess what? I don't impress that easily.I was working for a high end espresso machine distributor in Marin County California decades ago as an Equipment Technician.It had been a slow week and the Boss (an awesome old school NY style Italian) was out for a bit of vacation, leaving me to run the shop for a week.In between service calls I had 2 machines to refurbish for sale, and was working on putting the first one back together after tearing it apart to delime everything.Now because I'm on the Aspergers Spectrum I find it very easy to drop into a state of intensely focused Flow with work I enjoy, if I'm left undisturbed for an hour or two. I'm also unimpressed by celebrity and always have been. Worse yet I'm absolutely HORRIBLE at tying names and faces together with folks when I've not dealt with them a lot.That was the case at about 3:40 one Friday afternoon when some random (to me) guy walks in to the shop. I was in back and deep in flow putting this espresso machine back together when I hear the bell on the door ring as he entered.I was at a point where I couldn't stop what I was doing, so I called out “I'll be with you in 5 minutes! Please help yourself to some coffee or a San Pelligrino.”30 seconds or so goes by and a little Banty Rooster of a guy strutting & stamping his feet comes into to the back shop and demands to know if I know who he is. I eyeball him for a full minute (nope & I DGAF either son, but you're a customer so I'll put on my Helpful Customer Service face for ya) with my hands still in the machine, dudely says “WELL?!” and I say (sugar wouldn't melt in my mouth) “Sorry hoss, I've no clue who you are, but if you'll give me 3 minutes to get to a stopping point here, I'll be more than happy to help you out. Please help yourself to some coffee or a San P out front.”He LOOKS at me and says with a self satisfied smirk “Well, I'm Mister Bantam Rooster La-Tee-Dah of Some Famous Rock Band” I looked at him, smiled sweetly and said, polite and neutral “Oh? Cool. Pleased to meet ya Banty, I'm Kris. Nice music. I'd offer to shake but as y'all can see my hands are a bit dirty. I'm almost to where I can stop and I'll be right with you.” (and I honestly couldn't give less of a fux• but sugar wouldn't melt in my mouth because I'm on the job, son)It's now 4:05Still smiling, I continue working to my stopping point with Banty just glaring at me.I get to my stopping point, wash the grease and coffee funk off my hands, offer to shake his hand, which MR. Banty Rooster ignores. So I lead him back to the front and ask what I can get him to drink as I make myself a cappuccino on the demo machine. (Most folks took a cappuccino and I meant to hand it to him if he asked for one)4:10Banty points at his fancy car out front and tells me I need to get the espresso machine out of the car and “Fix it Right NOW” because he's having a party tonight. (It's a bitty little $400 home machine• not something I'd expect a millionaire to buy. For reference a new commercial 2 group was about $4k at the time)I looked at the clock, LOOKED at Banty (yup, sugar wouldn't melt but I'm still fuckless, bud) and asked him what was wrong with it as I'm walking out to get it. I walk back in with the machine hanging from one paw and for some strange reason (perhaps he didn’t get the fawning over he was owed?) Banty wants to know what it matters what's wrong with it.So I tell him that it's now 4:15 and the more he can tell me, the better chance I have of fixing it before I go home at 5:30, but that I've got a loaner machine ready now if he'll just leave a refundable deposit as security for it. (I'm still smiling all sweetness and light, Still no fux to give and I'm now pondering if I can muster enough pee to fill the steam tank before I have to give it back to him) Apparently either the loaner or the deposit simply won't do for a man of his stature.The boy looks at me, muttered something about “We'll SEE about that!” and storms out the door.Here's my obligatory “cute kitteh” pic.4:30I shrugged, took the machine in back and the problem turned out to be the power switch which took me all of 10 minutes to swap out. I idly pondered filling his steam tank again, but thought better of it.I looked in the customer file, dug up his number and called his home. A gal picks up and after a bit of chatting (she's the maid) I tell her his espresso machine is fixed and waiting for him to pick up, and that I'll be happy to wait till 5:45 if he wants it tonight, otherwise we're open at 11 to 3 on Saturday. She's duly impressed and will have his wife get a hold of Banty to let him know.5:48No show, no call, no nothing.I'm out front locking the door.Banty comes ROARING into the parking lot screeching tires and just fuming. I can see the steam coming from his ears. I smiled, waved as if there was not a thing wrong on God's Green Earth and unlocked the door to show him in.Banty is all kinds of bent & glaring at me as I tell him the bill is $38.60 and we take cash, cards or a check. (And yea• You're damned lucky I don't put a $40 Stoopid In Public Fee on top, son, but you ARE paying)He says he doesn't have it, I cock an eye at him and just start LAUGHING. Hard. Out Loud.I catch my breath and say “Oh hell naw, Banty. You're a millionaire rock star and y'all don't have a lousy $40 on ya? What kind a fool y'all think I am? Pull the other leg Boss, it plays Dixie!”He's just about sputtering now as I begin to turn and put the machine back on the pickup shelf and I'm telling him he can either pay me or pay the boss when he picks it up on Monday (still a very polite country boy tone, but I'm DONE playing with y'all here and I'm ready to go home to a snort of Bourbon now)He walks to his car, comes back and throws two crumpled 20s at me.I look at him, look at the money on the floor, my Chipper Custome Service smile turns just a tad wicked (it's been a long 2 hours ya punk Asshole), hook a thumb at the sign behind me and say, “Y'all care to try that again, SIR? ’cause I'm ready to go home now.”And I lock eyes with him and WAIT (I'm about ready to see if the machine will fit down his throat with that filled steam tank).About 10 seconds pass, he picks up the money makes a Big Show of smoothing it out. Then he pushes it across the counter to me. I slide his $1.40 change to him with the machine and thank him for his business and we both go home.Monday 9:30I've been in the shop 3 hours now and have the second refurbish machine almost done as the boss (the old school New York Italian) rolls in a bit bleary-eyed.Because I like him and he's a bit green around the gills, I wandered out of the shop area, fix him a perfect double cappuccino (2 short shots of espresso, 1/2 part steamed milk and 1 part foam so stiff you can float a tablespoon of sugar on it) and hand it to him with a slug of Grappa. He smiles gratitude at me, I wink in sympathy (yea.. too strong a weekend for ya boss?) and I go back to work.The phone rings about 20 min later. Boss, now properly restored by the coffee and Grappa, picks up and it's my BFF Banty Rooster. I can hear him on the other end and it seems he's all kinds of twisted up about some speeding ticket he got doing 63 in a 30 MPH zone after running a stop sign and wants me to personally cough up the $440 it's going to cost him. Boss pops an eyebrow at me (hold my Grappa) and asks Banty why in the world I was driving Banty’s car. I can hear him on the other end just screaming now, that it's all my fault because I was an asshole & treated His Highness poorly• Boss asks him again how it came to be that I was driving his car (GOOD Boss!! can you say “intentionally obtuse” kids?).10 AMI grab my tools and head out on the two service calls that came in on Friday, Boss smiles, shakes his head mocking sad and points at the phone.I flash a 2 at him meaning I'll be back in two hours or so and head out.About noon fifteen I roll back in to the shop and my buddy Banty is there sitting with Boss over a cappuccino (If Boss liked him there would be Grappa too). As I walk in Boss is saying something about “That's not going to happen because of the $3800.00 he made for me over last week by getting those 2 Refurbish jobs done on top of the service calls and the $2100 machine sale he closed” Old Banty still doesn't seem real happy so I smile at him, offer my hand, and say how pleased I am that I was able to get his machine fixed in time for his party, despite the late hour he showed up• and would you like a slug of Grappa with your coffee?Boss pops that O.G. Italian eyebrow at him, then at me and I tell him the whole story, timing and all• but I left out the throwing money part. Boss JUST LOOKS at Banty as I'm telling all.Banty finally leaves, still fuming a bit from the ears, but without his $440 and with his solemn promise that no one he knows will ever darken our door. (Saints Be Praised!)Here's the kicker: Apparently Mister Banty Rooster was “advertising” for us down at a recording studio in the area by telling everyone in sight just exactly how horrible our service was and how we owed him $440 for his speeding tickets. The funny part here is that three folks came in over the next month specifically to buy espresso machines from lil old me. One of em even left me a 10% tip and a very sincere thank you on top of buying a $1500 Espresso machine and grinder.Thanks Banty!! It a GOOD Thing Jesus loves ya! (‘Cause ain't nobody else can stand your ass)Note: Names have been redacted or changed to protect the guilty and my wallet.I'm not telling who Mister Bantam Rooster La-Tee-Dah of So and So Famous Rock Band is because he's supposedly a litigious little shit, in addition to having a Napoleon complex, and I'm just not interested in playing with him on that level.This true story was brought to you by Asshole Man.
How does filling out a customer service survey effect the representative?
This will depend on a lot of factors but generally:good feedback is of course a great morale boost especially if there’s praise for a specific action which was well performed.negative feedback isn’t necessarily a bad blow to a customer service rep. In companies where there’s good staff morale and a positive culture constructive negative feedback is used to help a rep improve at their job. Good managers will also recognise a mean or unkind rant by a customer for what it is and make sure their employee is supported if they should receive something like that.Good managers also know when negative feedback is aimed at the company or product and not the actions of their representative and will corral that feedback appropriately. For example I’m aware that many customers using the feedback tool Hively will have a separate user where feedback related directly to the company product or service will be moved to so that a customer service rep doesn’t have their score unfairly affected by a problem that they didn’t have control over.If you ever feel the need to leave negative feedback just be clear, communicate what went wrong and differentiate between whether it’s the customer service or the product that’s problematic. There’s really no need to be unkind or mean when leaving feedback.Of course if you’re happy it’s always great to give someone some nice, positive feedback - you can really make someone’s day!
How can I contact Facebook?
This can be very tricky sometimes. So let’s break it into simple steps. Let’s get started.First of all there so many FAQ’s available from Facebook that probably will answer your question. But still if you want to contact Facebook then you may proceed further.Step 1:Click the help sign given on the top of the navigation bar as shown below.Step 2:From the drop down menu, select the “Report problem ” as shown below.Step 3:There will be a small pop-up like the one shown below. You have to select “something isn’t working”, you can go for other options as well. It depends what is the problem you are facing?Step 4:At last you have to state your problem/ purpose of contact. In the same order as shown below.Select the product (you have issue with)Write your issue.Click Send button.Once you filled all the necessary details then probably within 24 - 48 hours Facebook might respond back to you.I hope this helps.PS: Time taken by Facebook to respond may vary. So please be patient.Please Upvote if you found this helpful.
Do Amazon and Flipkart sell fake products?
Well unfortunately, Atleast Flipkart does, I bought a product from Flipkart, (last year) - a Fossil Chronograph Watch - (It wasn’t sold out then)I bought it in August, 2022. And by the looks of it, it looked pretty genuine, box and a warranty card (without the dealers stamp though). And the watch itself. Even the number on the back of the watch registered properly on the Fossil Website. In July 2022. I saw that the watch had stopped working. I gave it to the service centre in Mumbai (Fossil Store at Oberoi Mall at Goregaon E). The watch is sent to Bangalore and after about 3 weeks it was conveyed over a call that the watch is a fake watch. I asked them to give this to me in writing. All they wrote back in the e-mail was “The details have been sent across to Flipkart, they will take this further” (check e-mail trail below in the Edit1) Imagine Fossil’s customer service giving you such a feedback. My guess is they want to shield their partners. Anyway, I have written back to Flipkart and they are currently working on the case. Let’s see what they come back with.Details of the purchase are here….And here is Fossil’s (evasive) response - (Look, there’s no case ID or case number or a reference e-mail or anything. Just a response saying “we have forwarded our details to Flipkart”)I shall update about what happens next. Hopefully I shouldn’t be cheated off my hard earned money and justice shall prevail.Edit1: Here’s a screen shot of Fossil’s reply over e-mail.Update 1: I got a call a couple of days back from the Flipkart “Social Media team” who asked me “why have I written that I’ve received a fake product” - I told her the story, she asked me to send across a customer form from Fossil - I sent across the form filled at the time of submission. Today, again I get another call from another executive who says is from the team of Flipkart Social Media section - He asks me to pra customer form from Fossil, I tell him that I’ve already uploaded it, he checks and tells me - it’s not written anywhere that it’s a fake watch. I again explained to him that they haven’t given that part in writing and the only form I have is the one at the time of submission. He then asked for the store number where I gave the watch. I give him the number and he tells me he will speak to them. He calls me 10 minutes later and says that the Fossil store (Oberoi Mall at Goregaon (E), Mumbai) tell him that they can’t comment on this and that only the Fossil back-end team (Located in Bangalore) can help. I then tell him I can forward him the entire e-mail conversation. He then says he’ll email me on my registered e-mail ID (which he reads out). I tell him that it’s correct. At the end I quickly ask him what does Flipkart do if they do indeed get to know that this is a fake watch. He said, firstly - they will blacklist the seller and make sure he doesn't do business with them. Then for the customer after the product is taken back, he/she is given back their full amount. I was tempted to tell him that they owe interest and damages as well. But then that would make it sound american and not even close to getting my money back. So I remained quiet. I say “thank you” and the call get’s over. It’s been over 5 hours, no e-mail has reached my inbox or my spam or any other folder.Update 2: I just noticed this on the “Current issues” section on Flipkart a few moments ago, I never knew about this tab to be honest. What I find there is strange. An update on the issue on 15th September i.e. yesterday (today being 16th September). And check out the reason. It says “Services denied due to e-commerce”. Can’t understand if it’s Fossil who’s given them that reason or did they just make it up. And what does it mean? that they can deny services if I buy it off an e-commerce website? or that the seller himself is not an authorized one?Update 3: Well, finally it looks I got a clear reply from Fossil, over a personal message on Twitter. They finally said “The product is not genuine and the issue should be resolved from Flipkart’s end” Check this out. Oh and by the way, the sent this across only because I tweeted on the their site regarding their e-mail conversation (the one posted above). They sent this as a personal message to me.So I’m hopeful atleast some positive outcome should come from this.Update 4: Yesterday and a few days ago as well the guy who I’ve mentioned above is a certain Roshan from Flipkart (social media team) said that they contacted the ‘seller• (EnticeWorld) and the seller says that the watch is indeed genuine. But I explained to him as to why would a seller himself say that the watch is not genuine? He would obviously defend himself. The he requested me to speak to the seller himself, which I refused politely saying I bought the product from Flipkart and not from this seller sitting at Jaipur. I told him that I have nothing to do with him. At that point he got my e-mail trail from Fossil and said that he will come up with a resolution tomorrow.Today, finally I got a resolution looks like. Roshan from Flipkart (social media) team said today, that I have provided them with all details and after their internal discussion and because they couldn’t get a resolution from Fossil they have decided to rule this in my favor. But I explained to him that just today, I did receive a verdict from Fossil saying that their product is not genuine. He explained that it’s fine and that there’s no other requirement from my side. But to make sure, I asked him what “ruled in my favor” meant? He explained I will receive a full refund of the watch into my account. Though I know this is a bit of an easy getaway for them, rather like a small penalty. But I guess it’s the best one at hand. He requested me to go collect the watch from the Service centre and he will initiate a return from his end. I do not know how long will all this take. But something is better than nothing.This is not to show off, but I had decided right at the start, that no matter which way this goes I would be polite and handle this. Hence, during all my conversations with all the back end team people I was polite and so were they. I do not know if my e-mails were harsh, but I think I was quite polite on those as well. The point being, that it’s best not to lose our cool and try and get things done in the best possible manner. Having said all this, I hope Flipkart lives up to their promise and does initiate a full refund. My aim in posting this answer is only so that others are aware and do not undergo the same ordeal. I belong to a middle class family and I know we people love extravagant things and work hard, save money to get these things. To get cheated is heartbreaking. Thanks to all of you for all your helpful comments. I shall update you all further as well.Update 5: I have collected the watch from the Fossil Store (Oberoi Mall, Goregaon East). They returned the watch without any Job sheet or any paper work. I asked them, how can you tell if this is fake. Even the guy at the store said there’s no way to tell, however he compared it with a watch they have. The same model is out of production. So he compared it with another similar looking watch. He said the strap didn’t look genuine. And he said the underside of Fossil watch straps are usually white and this one is brown. This was the only giveaway I believe. Because the video here shows the watch review and my watch is almost there.Anyway I loved the watch the time it was with me. I was informed by Roshan (From the Flipkart team) that a return request has been initiated and to keep the watch ready so that they can send someone tommorrow to pick it up. Here are the pictures of my watch, the box along with the warranty card, they still look pretty genuine to me! :) (ofcourse it doesnt look like the pictures uploaded on the e-commerce sites. But these are actual pictures of my watch clicked from my DSLR camera, I do not have a macro lens, but I tried my best).So the next time if you have a tan leather belt of a Fossil watch make sure to look at the underside and as seen in the the video it would be lighter like a cream or an off-white color. The picture above is my watch which has the same tan color as the front side. Beware. My next update will be when I receive my refund.Final Update: The issue is finally resolved and settled. Flipkart’s pick up (e-kart) picked up my watch today. And in a few hours my money was credited into the account. So, I’m glad this has come to a close and ended well.
Do Asians fill out customer service reviews differently than Caucasians?
The answer is that Asian patients in the US tend to be treated worse than any other type of patient. It is not that Asians are more harsh in giving reviews. Customer service in any industry tends to be more poor towards Asians than any other group. That’s due to deeply-rooted discrimination against Asians. Even other Asians, especially American-born ones, will treat Asians customers or patients worse. Caucasians tend to give the best reviews because they get the best treatment.
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